Streaky bacon


Streaky bacon can be worked to a specific cook level, ranging from a very crispy dark product to a light cook paler product. The cook level, texture, thickness and appearance of the bacon can all be customised to our customers’ requirements. There are many benefits to using Dew Valley Foods Streaky bacon products:

• Quick and Convenient to Use

• All orders prepared to your specification

• Guaranteed slice count

• Guaranteed quality

• Eliminates rancidity issues

• Almost no shrinkage during reheating

• Store with other cooked products

• No wastage – 1kg of Dew Valley Cooked Bacon gives you 1kg of usable bacon rashers


Sweetcure flavoured bacon is a distinctive flavour profile which appeals to wide customer base and can be used in many applications such as sandwiches, ready meals, burgers and salads. Using a wide range of natural sweet ingredients such as sugar, natural honeys, maple syrup, muscavado sugar, this gives a distinctive sweet flavour and caramelisation to the product. We have a huge range of natural product options which can be added to give a sweet subtle flavour and we are always looks at market trends to offer our customers the most update products.

Smoke flavoured:

Dew Valley Foods have created a wide selection of smoke flavoured products ranging from mild to strong, and can be tailor to create a bespoke product. We use a unique blend of smoked flavours, many of which are bespoke to our process to create a range of smoked flavour profiles to suit a wide range of applications. The depth of flavour can also be enhanced by matching it with the desired cook level to create texture and definition in the product. This ensures that bacon is a key component ingredient and customers can enjoy the benefits of its delicious flavour and texture.

Naturally smoked:

Using a bespoke process we can create a range of attractive product descriptors. Examples of these including beechwood smoked, applewood smoked, whiskey smoked, oaked smoked to name but a few. These products give a natural subtle flavour with a strong product descriptor. These products can also be designed to meet customers specific requirements, adding sweetness, smoke flavouring or other ingredients to create the best possible product.


Healthy eating recommendations suggest we should reduce the amount of salt we eat ( Our Cooked Reduced Sodium Streaky Bacon can help to make this easier, and can be used straight from the pack for instant sandwiches or served hot in seconds. Slice count is guaranteed.

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