back bacon


Traditional Back Bacon is ideally suited for the for rapidly growing breakfast market across Ireland and the UK. Our back bacon products are produced on a hot air line, this process ensures that we keep as much moisture as possible in the product so that it will regenerate like freshly cooked product.

The product has been specifically developed in order to keep the tenderness and succulence of the product once it has been reheated. This is an extremely operationally efficient product which allows the customer to control the usage and quality of the product in a very consistent manner. Our customers have seen a reducing in wastage and overall cost benefits, while still ensuring high quality.

The product is produced to specific weight parameters and cook levels which can be tailors to our customer’s specific needs.

Flavour Profiles:

Smoked and unsmoked versions which can be from several different specific welfare sources.

Again a range of cook levels available, depending on the application in the end use.

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